Monday, June 1, 2015

World RX: ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport's Alx Danielsson reviews Lydden Hill RX

By Alx Danielsson

About Saturday's P6 in open practice:

"It was actually amazing that we started the weekend with P6 in open practice, only 0,15s from P3.
It was the first laps I have ever done around Lydden as well. This shows how the ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport team has taken the datas and infos from Belgium last weekend and worked with the Audi S3 RX. Also remember, the other teams/car manufacturers/drivers are WORLD CLASS. It is no easy job to come in and make this big steps. "

"We have now managed to find some pace over one lap. But we also have to work hard on our launch starts. We are normally to slow off the line. This is for both me and the team to work on of couse, just like everything else."

About Saturday's Heat 1:

"Heat 1 was unlucky for us as we had a damper leak so the car had a broken damper the whole race and also stalled in the start. This meant big time loss in the start and then a lot of understeer turning left (mainly) in the heat. We were only about 4s of the total time anyway with these problems so looking good."

About Saturday's Heat 2:

"In Heat 2 we had more bad luck. We had to change the rear dampers to a spare set which was not the same so the handling was even more understeer. Then Tanner Foust spunn right in front of me and I had to avoid him which meant turning the wrong way, getting slowed down in the gravel and almost stopping using 1st gear and I lost about 3 seconds there.

"P14 overall after the first day with these problems meaning we were very optimistic for day 2."

About the flip in Sunday's warm up:

"The team had again taken everything we learned from day 1 and worked HARD on the car for day 2. When I went out the grip level was much higher. It quite simply caught me by suprise and I could have gone in a little quicker in turn 1."

"When I had the car turned in the middle of the corner I put the steering wheel to the right and floored it to get a good exit. That was right were the touringcar had it the day before and the crease was bigger on Sunday. I didn't see it and I was on a very close racing line in the corner already. I hit it with full throttle and the wheel pointing right so the car climbed the tire and flipped."

"A real shame and I felt so bad for all the ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport team to putting them in this situation. They worked so hard and right now we are getting very little to show for it. At the same time we are a little bit happy about the progress of the Audi S3 RX and myself. We are taking steps every day we are on the track and I feel it is just a matter of time before we hit a turning point.​"

Photo credit: World RX