Thursday, July 17, 2014

TUSC: From Mosport to a motorsport legend: Christopher Haase and TUSC travel to Indianapolis

Christopher Haase Press Release

Two 8th place finishes in a row – nevertheless Audi driver Christopher Haase was happy after the races at Watkins Glen and Mosport. At the former Formula 1 track in upstate New York, he and his team mate Bryce Miller were able to fight themselves back into a point scoring position following a tactical error that saw the car coast to a halt, out of fuel. And in Canada's Mosport, also a track with a rich racing tradition, the duo again collected points towards the overall championship, despite a very difficult situation at the outset of the race.

„In qualifying, we missed the top spot by two tenths“, Haase recalls a particularly challenging weekend with the Audi R8 LMS of Paul Miller Racing, „the race itself was very fast, not just because of the track itself which with its many elevation changes and an amazingly high average speed certainly qualifies as the „little Nordschleife“. There were also no yellow flag periods, and all competitors showed a very equal performance. The only way you can make a pass the hard way, and we avoided anything like this. So in the end we scored another 8th place, and again collected important points. This puts Bryce and myself up into 5th place in the drivers' standings; and we are not missing much on the championship leaders now, as almost all direct competitors finished behind us. Now we will work hard to improve our performance in qualifying, because we certainly want to bring home better race results!“ Christopher Haase and his team mate Bryce Miller are already thinking ahead, to the next race in two weeks' time at the legendary the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, for the „Brickyard Grand Prix 2014“.

USCC GTD category – drivers' championship standings:
1. Townsend Bell/ Bill Sweedler (Ferrari 458 Italia) 164 points
2. Andy Lally/John Potter (Porsche 911 GT America) 161
3. Leh Keen/Cooper MacNeil (Porsche 911 GT America) 157
4. Dane Cameron/Markus Palttala (BMW Z4) 155
5. Christopher Haase/Bryce Miller (Audi R8 LMS) 150
6. Mario Farnbacher/Ian James (Porsche 911 GT America) 149
7. Seth Neiman/Dion von Moltke (Audi R8 LMS) 145
8. Jan Heylen/Madison Snow (Porsche 911 GT America) 143
9. Nelson Canache Jr./Spencer Pumpelly (Audi R8 LMS) 141
10. Jeff Westphal 140 (Ferrari 458 Italia)

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Photo credit: Paul Miller Racing / Bob Chapman