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About Us: Audi Motorsport Blog

Basic Information:

This is a private/independent Blog. The main Blog topic is that of Audi motorsport involvement, however the Blog remains entirely private, it is in no way associated with, nor supported by Audi AG.

In many cases this Blog has been m
isidentified as an "Official Audi Blog". This Blog does not represent Audi in any official manner, the Blog is entirely independent and run by private individuals who are not associated with Audi.

The Audi Motorsport Blog administrators do have access to the official Audi (Sport) Motorsport Media Info database [www.audi-motorsport.info/v2/public]. However this is only in the form of gaining access to official press material released by Audi Motorsport Info, which may be used by news publications etc (such as this Audi Motorsport Blog).

Within all the text below the reference to the word “Blog” refers to the Audi Motorsport Blog [www.audi-motorsport-blog.blogspot.com].

What is the Audi Motorsport Blog?

This Blog was founded at the beginning of 2012. The Audi Motorsport Blog is a collection of social media channels, combined with the Blog itself, to produce an up-to-date news source which focuses on the topic of Audi involvement in Motorsport. This topic includes all forms of Audi motorsport involvement, ranging from the factory race programs, all the way to the various customer and private Audi teams all over the world.

This project (Blog and social media) is run on the principle of being: “Run by fans for fans.” It is a case of providing up-to-date news for fellow enthusiasts.  

This Blog, and all of its directly associated social media (as listed on the Blog), is run by two individuals: Tarek Ramchani and Johan Laubscher*. The Blog was an extension of the existing unofficial “Fans Audi Sport Facebook page,” [www.facebook.com/audisportpage]. The purpose of the Blog was to allow the administrators (Ramchani and Laubscher*) to further expand their Audi Motorsport news coverage by adding their own written content and press releases from various official sources.

Written Content:

This Blog consist of two types of written content. (1) Content produced by the Blog administrators and (2) Press Releases from official sources. The type/source of content is denoted by a heading one line above the text body. In case (1) the text will read “By Admin Name”. In case (2) the text will read “Source Name Press Release”. Official press releases sourced from Audi teams, championships, official media etc, will always be denoted as press releases. In no way will the administrators of this Blog use written content from press releases as their (admin's) own. All content labelled as case (1) was written by the administrator whose name is listed with the text.  

Photo Content:

The Blog administrators rely on various photo sources including press material and photos from private sources. In all cases when photos are used it is done so by including all the necessary credit information (in most cases with a functioning link back to the original source). When private photos (non-press material) are used the permission is normally obtained. 

However if photographers viewing this blog sees their own photos, which they believe are being used incorrectly / without permission, they may please contact the administrators and the content will be removed immediately.

All photos on the Blog, as of mid-2012, are not hosted on blogger itself. All the photos are hotlinked (linked directly via the url from another source, be it a hosting site or the original image source). In all cases the photo credits are listed.  


This Blog is entirely private, no forms of monetary gain are accumulated from any of the activity on the Blog or the associated social media. The list of logos/links/banners etc on the blog itself are added as per the Blog administrators choosing to do so. No money is paid to the Blog administrators by outside parties for the appearance of these logos/links/banners, these are not a form of commercial advertising.