Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pirelli World Challenge: to Sponsor Drew Regitz in the Pirelli World Challenge

Stephen Cameron Racing Press Release

February 27th, 2015 - Sonoma, CA  Having started his professional racing career only a year after turning his first laps in a racecar, Stephen Cameron Racing driver, Drew Regitz, turned quite a few heads in the Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) paddock after testing the waters in 2013. In 2014, Regitz campaigned a full season in the PWC GTS class, successfully scoring top tens and podium finishes in what was only his second year in motorsports.

For 2015, Regitz will continue his meteoric rise through the professional sportscar ranks by stepping up to the hotly contested PWC GT-A class. The Denver, CO, resident routinely sites extensive driver coaching and an extensive routine of online driving simulator training for his rapid progression behind the wheel. His on-track success has made Regitz a staunch advocate of young and aspiring drivers utilizing advances in online racing and gaming technology in combination with hands-on driver coaching.

Regitz launched in late 2014 to help novice and seasoned racers alike gain access to professional driver coaching services from the comfort of their own home. Utilizing state-of-the-art driving simulator hardware and software clients can sign up to be paired with world class championship caliber drivers and coaches such as former F1 and professional IndyCar driver Justin Wilson, professional Indy 500 and Aston Martin /NISMO driver James Davison, sportscar aces Brandon Davis and Kris Wilson, and veteran IndyCar and IMSA driver coach Barry Waddell.

“It’s no mystery that genuine on track seat time is expensive, so it is important to be able to maximize every second that you are on the track,” Regitz explained. “For a fraction of the cost, will partner you with professional drivers that can give you lap-by-lap feedback online as you train at home on your driving simulator or gaming wheel.”

“I didn’t start driving racecars until 2012, and now a mere three years later I am set to compete in one of the world’s most competitive GT series, and I absolutely could not have made that progression in such a short amount of time without the help of coaches like Barry Waddell, Justin Wilson, and my driving simulator at home. Their instruction and my extensive sessions online are a critical component of my preparation, which is why I am so passionate about combining the powers of professional coaching with online driving simulators.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing on my car this year, and working with Stephen Cameron Racing to campaign for the GT-A Championship.”

After thirty years of running his professional motorsports team in a variety of series, Stephen Cameron is used to adjusting his business to new technologies.

“Drew’s path to top tier motorsports is as atypical as it gets,” Cameron exclaimed. “It would have been exceedingly more difficult for him to have made the jump from absolute beginner to a professional driver in such a short timeframe even just ten years ago.”

“With a greater emphasis on data acquisition and engineering, driver coaching, and online simulators that rival real world experiences, the learning curve has been profoundly shortened,” Cameron continued. “Services like will take this to the next level by pairing household named drivers with anyone seeking to improve their performance.”

“You never know, with these new tools taking three years to reach the GT-A class might one day seem like an eternity. I for one am looking forward to helping Drew maximize his potential this year and to help him earn even more accomplishments in his short but already impressive resume.”

About iRacerCoaching
iRacerCoaching is an online, interactive platform that connects racers to professional racing coaches. Imagine having your own one-on-one sessions with the best coaches in the sport – all current and former professional drivers – as often as you want in a safe, virtual setting. No need to carve out travel time to the track or extra money for a car; with iRacerCoaching, you can be mentored by the biggest names in race car driving, all at a fraction of the cost of an in-person at-track session.

For seasoned and aspiring racers, this is a dream come true. We partner with world-class coaches who will give you lap-by-lap feedback to improve your performance and, more importantly, your speed behind the wheel. This is seat time at its most efficient – no waiting for your turn to drive, no car to care for, and no expensive race tires to purchase. Just you, your computer, and a coach with you at every turn you take.

Photo credit: Cameron Racing