Saturday, February 21, 2015

CMRC: Doug Gore to sit out 2015 Caribbean season after TT-R testing crash in Jamaica

By Johan Laubscher

Sad news has emerged from Jamaica. Doug "Hollywood" Gore will be sitting out the 2015 Caribbean Motor Racing Championship season following accident damage suffered last Sunday.

The team was out testing at JamWest Speedway in Jamaica, preparing for the season opener of the CMRC at the same venue next weekend, 28 February to 1 March.

The team crew chief, David Bell, was behind the wheel of the ABT-Audi TT-R when the crash occurred coming onto the front straight. He was busy with a twenty-lap stint to bed in new brakes. Luckily Bell was able to walk away from the incident without injuries, but the car did take a hard hit.

The ABT-Audi TT-R has sustained frontal damage, but also rear subframe damage, warranting its return to ABT Sportsline in Germany for serious repairs.

More can be read on the Jamaican Observer website HERE.

This is not the first time that the Jamaican ABT-Audi TT-R of Doug Gore has needed to return to Germany for repairs. He had previously suffered a high speed crash at Dover during the opening lap of the first race of the 2012 season. Significant chassis damage put Gore out of the seat that year before the car returned in time for 2013 to begin.

Doug Gore has been competing with this ABT-Audi TT-R in the Caribbean and Jamaica since April 2011. He raced with the ATL Automotive team from 2011 until 2013, after which Gore purchased the Audi and competed with his own team and sponsors from 2014 onwards.

It is very sad news that Doug Gore will be sitting out the 2015 circuit racing season. Gore will now be focusing on a return to rallying in Jamaica with his Mitsubishi Evolution X.

Photo credit: D_MONTii Motography N More (Donavan Montague)