Saturday, May 11, 2013

Video: Audi R13 in the Spanish Hillclimb Championship

By Johan Laubscher

The Spanish Hillcimb Championship has been the scene for many Audi race cars in the last decade. The Audi A4 STW (Super Touring) has been a very popular choice of car amongst the competitors. For 2013 a very special Audi race car has been added to the series.

One of the long-time drivers, who has been competing with Audis in this series, is Jose Antonio Lopez-Fombona, competing with his Audi A4 STW since 2002. He is a multiple hillclimb champion and has been loyal to Audi A4 Touring cars for over a decade. For 2013 Fombona has decided to retire his older A4 STW, having sold it to another competitor. This decision does not mean the end for Fombona and his hillclimb racing with Audis. He has acquired an Audi R13, and will be competing with the car in Spain this year.

The Audi R13 is the 2007 Audi A4 DTM (B7) car, the same version which took Mattias Ekstr├Âm to the 2007 DTM driver’s title. Fombona debuted his A4 DTM at the end of April and will continue to compete in the Spanish Hillclimb Championship this year. The car has a beautiful white, grey and orange livery. It is wonderful to see these older race cars still competing.

A number of YouTube videos featuring Fombona’s Audi A4 DTM, including an onboard video, have been embedded below. 

Photo credit: Screenshots from this video