Friday, April 26, 2013

ADAC GT Masters: Mixed qualifying for Audi teams at Oschersleben

By Tarek Ramchani

Oschersleben is hosting the season opener of the 2013 ADAC GT Masters this weekend. Two qualifying sessions were held today with some disappointing results for the Audi squad.

Six Audi R8 LMS ultra cars are entering the event from three different teams. Prosperia C. Abt Racing is fielding three cars, #26 of R.Frey/M.Winkelhock, #27 of C.Mies/R.Rast and #28 of C.Jöns/C.Mamerow. MS Racing, who are the defending ADAC GT Masters champions, have two Audi cars, #1 of F.Stoll/S.Asch and #100 of D.Dobitsch/A.Patel. YACO Racing is entering a single R8 LMS ultra, #16 of P.Geipel/D.Lunardi.

In the first qualifying session the best ranked Audi was the #28 Prosperia R8 LMS ultra of C.Jöns/C.Mamerow who placed in eighth. All the other cars were far behind, they were respectively classified in 14th (#1 MS Racing), 15th (#27 Prosperia), 16th (#26 Prosperia, 20th (#100 MS Racing) and 22nd (#16 YACO Racing). Qualifying session 1 results are here.

For the second qualifying session things were slightly better. Again the #28 Prosperia Audi of C.Jöns/C.Mamerow was the best R8 LMS ultra and was able to qualify in a fine third place. All the other Audi cars were once again outside of the top 10: 11th (#27 Prosperia), 12th (#1 MS Racing), 13th (#26 Prosperia), 19th (#16 YACO Racing) and 22nd (#100 MS Racing). Qualifying session 2 results are here.

The first race of the weekend is set for tomorrow. A 1-hour sprint event, we wish the best of luck to all three teams and their drivers.

Photo credit: Audi Media