Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Truth in 24 Blu-ray Collector's Edition Review

By Johan Laubscher

The Truth in 24 film series has been a highlight for Audi fans in recent years. Two of these films have been produced featuring two of the closest contested Le Mans 24 Hour races in recent times. 

Truth in 24 I was released in 2009 and covered the 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours, a titanic battle between Audi and Peugeot which was ultimately decided by the weather. The first film was an instant hit followed by the second film being released in 2012. Truth in 24 II featured the 2011 Le Mans which was another close battle with Peugeot and a gap at the finish of under 14 seconds after 24 Hours.

Both films were released as free internet downloads via I-Tunes. Truth in 24 II also had a number of other viewing option as well, you can see our Truth in 24 II Viewing Guide HERE

Along with the opportunity to download the film for free, fans were also able to purchase both films on DVD. Up until now these films were only available as DVD products in hard copy form, however Audi as recently released a High Definition Truth in 24 Blu-ray Collector's Edition. For the first time fans will be able to own this cult classic set of motorsport films in Blu-ray format.

As was the case with the previous DVD versions, the new Blu-ray edition is a wonderful product and a beautiful addition to any collection. Our review of the Truth in 24 II DVD can be read HERE.

The Truth in 24 Blu-ray Collector’s Edition can be purchased via the links included HERE

We have provided a brief review of the Truth in 24 Blu-ray Collector's Edition below:

Truth in 24 Blu-ray Collector's Edition Review

The Blu-ray edition arrives in a very good looking hard-cover case. It looks very special and it is a nice touch that the product is not one of the industry-standard blue Blu-ray cases. The case also has a very good hefty feeling, adding to its high quality first impression.

Inside the case you will find both disks, one each for the two films. In the centre of the case an eleven page booklet is included, which features a brief look at Audi’s Le Mans history and the individual films.

The films themselves are beautifully pictured in High Definition, and allows another, more enhanced, chance to relive these two legendary Le Mans races.

A number of options are available to the viewer. Language and subtitle choices includes four languages, each with its own commentary/audio set on the disks. Bonus viewing material has also been included.

Disk highlights:

Language choice: English, German, Spanish and French
Subtitle choice: English, German, Spanish and French
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Video: HD 1080p ; 23.976 fps ; 16:9
DVD Menu
Bonus Material
Film: Full length versions of the films (Truth in 24 I = 98min ; Truth in 24 II = 83min)

The Truth in 24 Blu-ray Collector's Edition is certainly a great product, and will be a great addition to any Audi or Sportscar racing fan's collection. 

The Truth in 24 Blu-ray Collector’s Edition can be purchased via the links included HERE

Photo credit: Photos provided by author - cover image from Audi Sport Media