Monday, March 11, 2013

Audi S4 quattros ready to wow Cape Town crowds‏

Audi South Africa Press Release

THE Audi S4 quattro racers put in a strong showing at round one of the Super Series in Johannesburg. Their aim, at round two in Cape Town on Saturday, 16 March, will be to continue this form and again show their superiority on the track.

Defending champion Michael Stephen (A1 – Engen Xtreme) put on a display at the Johannesburg event that highlighted exactly why he has won the national title two years in a row – and plans on successfully defending that title this year. A podium finish in each of the three races and first overall for the day highlighted his skill and determination in competition.

For Stephen's teammate, Tschops Sipuka (A2 – Engen Xtreme) the outcome of that first round sees him in third place on the points ladder – and just six points back at that. This puts him within grasp of the second podium step and could well serve to fuel his fire to succeed even further. With three races waiting at the Killarney event Sipuka stands a very real chance of closing that gap significantly, or perhaps even claiming second place in the standings.

Melvill Priest (A7 – Mueller Sports Medicine) enjoys the challenge presented by Killarney and is optimistic about the event there. A good start to the 2013 season sees him fifth overall with a third place finish in race three at the first round. Priest made a few changes at Kyalami which produced less than ideal results on the day, but has indicated that his Killarney setup should help to deliver even stronger results, helping him to climb the ladder and take his place even higher in the top five.

For Gennaro Bonafede (A32 – Ferodo Racing) the Killarney event presents an opportunity to get his season properly on track. For Bonafede, regular off-season testing just didn't deliver the results he was aiming for at the first round. While the testing results were good, these did not translate into a good race day performance.

Killarney is where Bonafede will be aiming to get his season on track and fight the results he has worked so hard during the off-season to achieve. 

Audi South Africa

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Michael Stephen A1 - Audi S4 - Terry Moss Racing

Tschops Sipuka A2 - Audi S4 - Terry Moss Racing

Melvill Priest A7 - Audi S4 - VMP Motorsport

Gennaro Bonafede A32 - Audi S4 - Ferodo Racing Team / VMP Motorsport