Sunday, January 13, 2013

Video: Audi R8 LMS vs Novak Djokovic

By Johan Laubscher

One of the more unusual match ups took place on Friday in Australia. Tennis world number one, Novak Djokovic, was faced off in a speed challenge against an Audi R8 LMS. It was a publicity event for the new HEAD Graphene™ Speed tennis racquet.

The challenge itself included the Audi R8 LMS trying to outrun a serve by Djokovic. Naturally the Audi R8 LMS had a running start with the serve taking place as the car approached Djokovic. However despite the GT3 specification car's great speed abilities, it was no match for the acceleration of the tennis ball after being served by the world’s number one player. The serve just edged out the R8 LMS at the finish. Despite the outcome it was still a very interesting event.

The finish line as the ball edges out the Audi R8 LMS
Turning the focus to the car, it is a Melbourne Performance Centre prepared Audi R8 LMS. This specific car is a 2009 specification Audi R8 LMS which was previously owned by Mark Eddy who campaigned the car from 2010-2012. Eddy also claimed the 2011 Australian GT Championship with this very car. Dean Grant drove the HEAD Graphene sponsored car at this publicity event.

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