Thursday, January 3, 2013

Audi Racing History in South Africa Part 1: The introduction

Audi Racing History in South Africa Part 1 of 10 
The introduction 

By Johan Laubscher

Audi has a rich racing history all over the globe with many legendary Audi racing cars having graced the world’s race tracks. Many legendary race cars have been built by Audi, all being developed for specific championships in various countries. Some of these cars include the legendary Trans Am and IMSA GTO cars in America, the Super Touring Cars that competed in Touring Car races around the world and the quattro rally cars during the 1980's, just to mention a few.

A little known fact is that there is a single country which has had almost all of the legendary factory developed Audi race cars, competing in either local championships or international events held there. This country has had Audi competition since all the way back from the 1930's to the current day on the southern tip of Africa, South Africa.

We have completed a comprehensive write-up of the Audi Motorsport history in South Africa. The story has been split into nine parts according to the specific era and the race cars. We have listed the nine parts below with their direct links. Just click on the title to head to that specific part of Audi's racing history in South Africa.

Audi Racing History in South Africa article links:
Part 1: The introduction
Part 2: The beginning
Part 3: The rally legend came to SA
Part 4: quattro debuts on the track
Part 5: The mighty S4 GTO
Part 6: World class Super Touring
Part 7: The end of an era
Part 8: The return of the rings
Part 9: The reign of the A4 quattro
Part 10: The S4 supercharged arrival

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Article cover photo = Johan Laubscher
Bottom cover photo = Johan Laubscher / Tarek Ramchani