Sunday, December 2, 2012

R16 x4: GMG Racing adds a fourth Audi R8 LMS


By Tarek Ramchani

GMG Racing debuted the Audi R8 LMS in the Pirelli World Challenge this season. The car had some very positive performances despite being slowed down and penalized from its original FIA GT3 specification. GMG Racing already had three Audi R8 LMS cars, two of them ex-Phoenix Racing cars of the older specification R16 versions. These three cars arrived in North America at different intervals during 2012. Now a fourth one has just been added. An ex-Team Audi France car from the French GT Tour series which was run by Team WRT just arrived at GMG Racing.

With four cars we are expecting a massive Audi and GMG Racing assault in the 2013 Pirelli World Challenge. SCCA recently officially allowed more FIA GT3 spec cars to compete in the series next year. With this the R8 LMS will now have more chances to compete equally against the "Sedans" from Cadillac and Volvo.

Thanks to Joe Foster from GMG Racing for this beautiful photo featuring all the four Audi R8 LMS cars at the GMG Racing workshop.

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