Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video: Closer look at Phoenix Racing

By Johan Laubscher

Phoenix Racing have always been one of the top German race teams. In recent years they have been closely associated with Audi by running factory Audi teams in the DTM and GT racing. The team is very professional and operates with two types of car, the DTM Audis (A4 and A5 DTM) and the R16 (R8 LMS and ultra). During 2011 Motorvision, a German television network, visited the headquarters of Phoenix Racing and produced a video feature. They have just uploaded this video onto their official YouTube channel. We included the embedded video below. It is a great watch, but it is unfortunately only available in German. Luckily the images speak a universal language as they allow us a glimpse into the operations of this Audi team, the video is well worth the watch.