Monday, November 12, 2012

Video: Audi TT RS at the Targa High Country

By Johan Laubscher

A very special Audi TT RS was back in action this weekend. The car of Matt and Casey Close suffered a large crash earlier in 2012, but luckily the driver pairing was unharmed and back on track this weekend. They competed at the Targa High Country event, and they did not disappoint. The TT RS had a few upgrades which included a new S-Tronic gearbox and a new livery.

The Close TT RS faces some formidable competition in the Targa series which includes a Lamborghini, Nissan GTRs and a host of Porsche 911 cars. Despite the though competition the TT RS armed with quattro and its five cylinder turbo engine was able to finish second in this event. Below we have included the three highlights videos, featuring the prologue and the two days of competition.  

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