Sunday, November 18, 2012

The trials of the Audi Motorsport Blog

The Audi Motorsport Blog began at the beginning of 2012, it was the next step in the evolution of the “Fans” Audi Sport page (unofficial) –

The page/blog operates with no funding and also makes no money from their content. The authors strive to bring the best possible news and up-to-date Audi content. Passion and the love for the sport and the love for Audi as a brand is all that drives the team.

Recently a website has been found which is stealing our content without any form of recognition or stopping after we requested them to stop. We ask that everyone reading this boycotts this parasitic website which is making money from stealing other people’s written content. These parasite blogs/websites are part of a pathetic plague spreading across the internet.  

Yours sincerely
The Audi Motorsport Blog Team