Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gallery: Best of Pirelli World Challenge 2012, R8 LMS and TT RS


By Tarek Ramchani

The 2012 Pirelli World Challenge season saw the comeback of the Audi brand. The North American series is a successful mix between fast high-end GT cars and smaller production touring cars.

For 2012 two Audi teams raced the series. GMG Racing was a regular team in the SCCA sanctioned series and entered the Audi R8 LMS for the first time at the Long Beach round. On many occasions the car as fast as the front runners from Cadillac, Volvo and Porsche. The Other Audi effort was from Don Istook. Unlike GMG who run a factory built racer, Istook entered a privately built Audi TT RS in the GTS class with some mixed results.

As we wait for 2013 where both GMG Racing and Don Istook are set to comeback with extended efforts, here are some photos featuring the best of from the Pirelli World Challenge 2012.

Photo credit: Mark Weber/Pirelli World Challenge.

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