Sunday, October 14, 2012

Video: Inside Audi Sport Italia


By Johan Laubscher

If you are an Audi Motorsport fan then you are most likely a fan of Audi Sport Italia. The team has been one of the most loyal Audi teams during the last two decades. They debuted with Audi in 1994 and immediately won the Italian Super Touring Car Championship three years in succession from 1994-1996. After the demise of Super Touring it looked like the last of Audi Sport Italia, but this was not the case. In 2006 the team re-emerged as they entered the Audi RS4 B7 in the Italian Superstars Championship, and yet again they became the team to beat. 

The Audi RS4, which competed from 2006 until early 2012, was joined by the Audi R8 LMS in 2009. Audi Sport Italia ventured into the Italian GT Championship for the first time and celebrated much success which included the 2011 drivers title. The team’s latest efforts include the brand new Audi RS5 cars in Superstars and a pair of Audi R8 LMS ultras in the Italian GT Series.

Gianni Morbidelli, one of the team's most successful, and current driver of the #45 Audi RS5, made a video dedicated to the team. In the video he explores the Audi Sport Italia crew and pit area at a recent Superstars meeting. It provides some great insight into the Italian Audi team.

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