Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fastest Audi in the World! - Jeff Gerner Audi S4 Bonneville 2012

By Johan Laubscher 

In recent years a very special Audi S4 has been seen going for speed records at Bonneville. Jeff Gerner is the owner of this Audi S4 which has over 1000 HP. Last year he took the five cylinder beast onto the salt flats and topped 242 mph. Jeff and the Audi S4 were back at Bonneville 2012, aiming for a new world record. QuattroWorld provided some great coverage last year and traveled to Bonneville in 2012 to report live from the event along with eGarage.

Jeff and the Audi were ready and set a new World Record with an average speed of 236.599 MPH, whilst topping at approximately 260 MPH. A tremendous success for Jeff and his beautiful Audi S4. You can read the full story and watch the documentary from eGarage and QuattroWorld HERE.

We featured a short preview of the Audi S4 at the 2012 Bonneville Speedweek. It can be seen HERE, and includes links to QuattroWorld’s coverage.

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