Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The monstrous metamorphosis of an Audi A4 STW

By Johan Laubscher

1995 Audi A4 STW
The Audi A4 STW was a dominant force in the world of Super Touringcar racing. It arrived in 1995 and immediately became a very competitive car. The car’s weapon was quattro four wheel drive. It had superior braking and road holding thanks to quattro, and even more so when it was wet. During the race car’s lifetime Audi Sport had built over forty of these Audi A4 super touring race cars. Many of them continued racing in other formulas after the demise of the Super Touring category. The cars proved to be very popular in Hillclimbing and various national series where many still compete today.

2012 Audi in Barbados
One of the cars, chassis #ST003 has had a very interesting life. The car is still racing today, but maybe not where you would expect. Since 2007 this Audi A4 calls Barbados its home. In its current form the car represents a monstrous wide-bodied racer. The car is barely recognisable and now boasts huge turbo power.

Neuspeed Audi A4 STW
A brief look at the cars history reveals that it spent time in the German and Australian Super Touring car series. After its official race career the car was restored and turbocharged during 2003 by Neuspeed in California. The immaculate silver Audi A4 now had over 500 hp. The car was sold to and raced by Ric Wood in the 2005 and 2006 Dutch Supercar Challenge seasons. At the end of 2006 the car was sold to its current owner and driver, Doug Maloney of Barbados.

2007 Audi in Barbados
The car arrived in Barbados still in the silver and yellow livery. It was competitive from the word go. The car has been competing in the Barbados Auto Racing League (BARL) and the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) since 2007. The car received its green and red livery after its first few races, a livery which has remained on the car ever since.

2012 Audi in Barbados
This Audi A4's development continued in Barbados as more power was generated and even radiators in the boot. Doug and his A4 have achieved much success in the various local championships. During 2011 the A4 underwent further modification in the form of wider tires accompanied by wider bodywork. Many may not agree with modifying an original Audi Sport factory race car like this, but everyone has to admit, this car has presence. Despite this car being a far cry from its original specification, it is still great to see the old Audi Sport race cars remaining in action. There is a story behind each and every race car, a lifetime that the car has endured. This Audi A4 is an example of just that, it has been to all the corners of the globe, and long may its racing career continue. 

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