Saturday, September 29, 2012

ABT Audi TT-R destroyed during testing

By Johan Laubscher

The ABT-Audi TT-R of Vláďa Vitver has become well known amongst Audi motorsport fans for its modified styling. The SVC Náchod Motorsport team purchased the ex-DTM Audi and proceeded to modify the car both mechanically and visually. The car now displays the appearance of a Mk2 Audi TT. Vláďa Vitver has been competing with the car in various European Hillclimb series and events, including the FIA Hillclimb Championship.

The team have been preparing for one of the biggest German Hillcimb events, the Mickhausen Hillclimb. However tragedy struck during testing for the event. Vitver was testing at a former Airport at Hradec Králové. A high speed crash occurred which has damaged the car tremendously. We are happy to report that the news from the incident indicate that Vláďa Vitver is unharmed, and that is most important.

The driver is safe, and in this sport that is the most important fact of all. The fate of the Audi TT-R is unknown. If we will see this car racing again is yet to be confirmed. This the second major crash for one of the older ABT-Audi TT-R race cars this year. Doug Gore of Jamaica suffered a big crash at Dover a few months ago which damaged the chassis of his TT-R.

We wish Vláďa Vitver all the best as he recovers from the crash. Hopefully he will be on track racing again very soon. 

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Crash images linked from the SVC Facebook page