Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Cylinder Glory: Audi Coupe at Zolder

By Tarek Ramchani

Audi and Belgium is such a great story. The brand of the Four Rings has a great racing heritage in the country with multiple wins in national Belgian motorsport series. Here is an iconic and legendary car. It is an Audi Coupe from Nothelle-Kamei. This car has a very special connection to the modern Audi Sport family. Henri Lotterer, father of Andre Lotterer the two times Le Mans 24 Hours overall winner with Audi, was part of the team behind this car. Mr Lotterer was heavily involved with the assembly of the car’s engine, which ensured that the car was amazingly quick and loud. It is a 2.0L engine producing around 240 bhp. Here are two nice videos made by about this great looking car. The first video is from last April with Lotterer himself driving the car, the second is from the end of August. Enjoy the 5 Cylinders symphony.

More information:
Photo gallery of the Audi Coupe Kamei