Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Superstars Series: MTM-Pilot Thomas Schöffler picks up speed

MTM Motorsport Press Release

Newcomer Schöffler reaches phalanx oft he hp establishment and qualified the Audi RS5 for the 4th starting position. Just a narrow lead behind Audi Italia team collegue Gianni Morbidelli, a pilot with Formula 1 experience. Schöffler kept the distance to Johann Kristoffersson, the swedish pilot in the Audi team of just under 2/10 seconds.

The race turned the result upside down: Thomas Biaggi passed the finish line with his BMW as the winner, Johann Kristoffersson, till then overall leader was the fifth pilot coming in with his Audi RS5. Trying to drive out of the way of clashing combatants, Rookie Thomas Schöffler lost the connection to head group, he tried to catch up again with some fast laps, but in the long run he had to be satisfied with the tenth place. The same position he had in the second race, in which the leading Columbian Camilo Zurcher made contact with Domenico Ferlito and had to accept a 6th place. Roland Mayer, managing director of MTM is mainly content with the performance of Schöffler the young pilot: "It's better to have a pilot who is willing to learn and at the same time driving very fast - but not blind with rage driving into a bunch with no return. He was very fast at the qualifying."

The next race of the SUPERSTARS International Series takes place in SPA on the 14./15. July.

Photo credit: International Superstars Series

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