Monday, July 30, 2012

Audi S4 quattros raring to go at Phakisa‏

Press Release from Audi South Africa 

THE power of the Audi S4 quattros will be unleashed once again when the trio of entries in the Bridgestone Production Car Championships take to the track at Phakisa Freeway. This Free State round of the championship sees the Audi S4 quattros back on track after a break of eight weeks.

While the previous event, on the streets of Durban, presented their own set of challenges, the Audi S4 quattro drivers now look forward to a race meeting where they can again make full use of the abilities of their Audi S4 quattros.

Defending class A champion, Michael Stephen (A1 – Engen Xtreme / Tsogo Sun) has been displaying his skill behind the wheel this season, working his way to the head of the field to the point where he leads the championship as he makes a bid for a second title in the series.

While that lead is just two points as the field tackles round six of the year, it is the start of the gap Stephen is working to create to dominate by the season's end. This makes the Phakisa event a crucial race meeting where strategy is going to count as much as speed to earn maximum points on the race weekend.

For Melvill Priest (A7 – Mueller Sport Medicine) the national race meeting on 4 August will be his first opportunity to see the result of eight weeks of work on his race car. Priest has been hard at work this season as the newcomer to the Audi S4 quattro line-up. Despite the gap he has in terms of development, steady progress has seen him clawing his way up the scoreboard.

Priest's Audi S4 quattro has been performing consistently throughout the season, allowing him to claim valuable points at each event. This has helped him climb to fifth place in the class with a good chance of claiming another position or two as the year builds to its grand finale.

Tschops Sipuka (A2 – Engen Xtreme / Tsogo Sun) rounds out the trio of Audi S4 quattro entries in the Bridgestone Production Car Championship. Sipuka is itching to take advantage of the space afforded by Phakisa to again take the challenge to his opponents.

A conservative race weekend in Durban saw Sipuka produce a solid performance, but Phakisa will afford him the opportunity to take advantage of the power and superior roadholding offered by his Audi S4 quattro to fight off any challenge mounted against him – and work on improving his sixth place on the leaderboard.

While each of the Audi S4 quattro drivers is at a different point in their championship right now, they all have one thing in common. Each wants to claim as many points as they can at the sixth round – and each will be relying on their Audi S4 quattro's power, technology and performance to achieve these goals.

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