Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video: Walter Röhrl and Pikes Peak Audi S1 reunited for testing

By Johan Laubscher

The 2012 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb is fast approaching. The big news for Audi fans is the fact that Audi Tradition with be at the event with a special driver and an equally special car. The legendary 1987 Pikes Peak winning Audi sport quattro S1 will be reunited with its driver, Walter Röhrl at the 2012 edition of the American hillclimb.

The car has been undergoing testing in preparation for the 2012 Pikes Peak event. Here is a great video showing the car during its latest test runs. The five cylinder turbo sound of this car will never get old! Enjoy the video:

1987 Pikes Peak Audi sport quattro S1 testing