Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Audi RS5 Joins International Superstars Series

By Tarek Ramchani :

After many years racing with the Audi RS4 (based on the B7 generation model), Audi in Italy will enter the 2012 International Superstars Series with the brand new Audi RS5. The old RS4 gave Audi Sport Italia two drivers championship titles with Gianni Morbidelli in 2007 and 2008. It won also the teams title in 2008.

The RS4 was clearly outpaced last year but now Audi is bringing the Audi RS5 to the growing International Superstars Series. The racing car has to be closely related to its road version, so it will have a big V8 producing around 450 bhp. Three new Audi RS5 cars are set to join the 2012 season from three diffrents teams. Italian touring car specialist and two time Superstars Series champion Gianni Morbidelli will be the leading driver with Audi Sport Italia. In 2011 Morbidelli raced with the team during the second half of the season, showing very strong performances with an inferior older car. The program is of course backed by Audi Italia the official Italian dealer. The other two drivers aren't Italians. Johan Kristofferson from Sweden will race for Kristofferson Motorsport (KMS) a Swedish team and Audi long time partner in the STCC. While Thomas Schoeffler from Germany, will race for MTM Motorsport the world famous German Audi tuner.

The 2012 season will be very close more than ever, with no less than 34 cars on the full season competitors list. Audi will face strong competition from world class marks such as the 2011 BMW, AMG Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Chevrolet and more. In addition to the top three Audi Italia supported RS5 there will be no less than three old RS4 in hands of the privateer Durango Motorsport team. And of course we hope that the Audi RS5 and the drivers will be among the ones battling for the overall championship title. Gianni Morbidelli is one of the strongest drivers on the grid. With a slower RS4 he was amazingly fast last year, so we except a great 2012 from the Italian ace.

Nine races are scheduled for the 2012 season. Hankook will be the new exclusive tire supplier for this unique touring car series open for big V8 sedans. The Season opener and RS5 debut is set at Monza on April 1st.

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