Friday, August 7, 2015

Super GT: Richard Lyons looking forward to a strong race at Fuji Speedway

Richard Lyons Press Release

Super GT hits its halfway point in the championship season and its back at Fuji Speedway Japan for round 4. Fuji Speedway, the only track to feature twice in the SuperGT calendar and will again be tricky for the Hitotsuyama Racing/WRT combinations R8 Ultra, but after some great testing and preparation through the June and July break in action they will be looking for a strong finish at this famous track. 

Richard Lyons:

"Looking forwards to getting back out there in our Super GT Audi R8 at Fuji Speedway for Rd 4."

"This past week WRT staff joined with Hitotsuyama team to prepare and train for the upcoming races. Fuji hasn't brought us much luck recently but I feel that we have prepared well so look forwards to some just rewards!"

Photo credit: Hitotsuyama Racing