Monday, July 20, 2015

Interview: Ramona Karlsson "My dream is always World RX"

By Tarek Ramchani

Ramona Karlsson made history this year. The Swedish became the first women team owner/driver in Rallycross competition. She is competing this season with her own privateer Volkswagen team in the FIA European Rallycross Championship (Euro RX) behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Scirocco Supercar.

We recently had a chat with Ramona Karlsson. A interesting Q/A about her season in Euro RX, the level of competition in World RX and more.

How emotional was it becoming the first female team owner/driver in rallycross?

It feels great to run my own team, to have control, be engaged in all the different parts, and to work with committed people.

This year you're competing in Euro RX with a brand new Scirocco Supercar, is the effort having any kind of support from Volkswagen? 

Yes, Volkswagen Sweden is one of my sponsors.

How competitive is the Euro RX field this season? 

Very competitive. Lots of experienced drivers and also with very competitive material. The top Euro RX drivers are also competitive with the top World RX drivers, so for sure it's tough.

What do you think of splitting World RX and Euro RX fields in semi-finals and finals this year?

I think it's really great, and it gives both the Euro RX and the World RX drivers more fair conditions. Also great for the audience I think. The more finals, the more excitement!

Let's talk about World RX, what do you think of the level of competition there this year? 

It demands a lot, both from the drivers and the teams, to be competitive in World RX. The level is very high, and I also think that it's great for the sport that there's so many competitive drivers and teams.

You never know how the podium will look like until the finish line.

Four out of five Audi drivers in World RX are from Sweden, how popular is rallycross in your home country?

It's very popular. Just look at World RX in Höljes, with almost 40 000 spectators. The competition is called "The Magic weekend", which it for sure is.

The rallycross sport started in the Nordic countries so it has a great history and a big heart here in Sweden.

What about the idea of getting behind the wheel of the EKS Audi S1 or the ALL-INKL Audi S3 in World RX?

Is that an idea or a question, haha ;-)

What it's your favourite rallycross track? 

Höljes for sure!

What are your targets for the 2016 season?

My dream is always World RX, but with my own team I must be realistic and I thin it will be too tough economically.

So my realistic goal with my own team is to run the Euro RX next year, and then my goal is to be on the podium!

Photo credit:  World RX