Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Audi Motorsport Blog, Audi race news and the others

By Tarek Ramchani

Three years ago, I started with a very close friend (Johan Laubscher) Audi Motorsport Blog just to share our passion about the Audi brand in racing. It's never been about getting more clicks or earning money, it was (and stays) about fun and passion and we have to thank Audi as a brand and the many Audi social media teams across the globe for their support.

We never claimed to be the best or that we are doing a great job with our independent blog. That said it is becoming annoying to see some websites stealing all of our written work.

We know that the internet is full of these practices and we know that many are just copying and sharing others' work without permission and so on...but at a some point you really start to be fed up.

As for my self it's never been a problem to see our work in other websites as far there is a link back to the original story and I have thank the professional and serious medias for doing that. Me too I always use some stories here and there (Endurance-Info, Sportscar365, TouringCarTimes...) but always adding a link back to the original post and its source.

Our problem is with one particular website, stealing day and night all of our written posts. It's called Auto Buzz and their website is this one To see all of our posts shared there and without permission is just unacceptable. We contacted them, we asked them to stop doing so and yet they are still doing the same work: Copy, paste and share.

Now some of you may ask why am I  bothering myself writing all this, in the end it's a waste of time. Correct and true! But this is just a test to see if this post will be shared on their website or not. After all I am sure they don't read what we are writing on the blog or understand a single thing about motorsport as a whole.

Photo credit: Audi Media