Friday, May 1, 2015

World RX: Back home - EKS Audi at Hokenheim RX

EKS Press Release

Portugal is far back behind us – just four days, but also 2,000 km. EKS left Montalegre on time and arrived in Hockenheim safely. Round two of FIA World Rallycross Championship will be a special one. 70,000 spectators will watch our two Audi S1 EKS RX quattro competing at the completely new track, which is built in the famous Motodrom of the Hockenheimring. We are a Swedish team, but also German, not least because of our rockets from Ingolstadt. Back home!

Team boss Mattias Ekström won’t be at the wheel this weekend, but he is with the team and will give advice to the drivers Anton Marklund and Edward Sandström. “The to-do list grew in Montalegre and we'll have some changes in place already for Hockenheim”, says Ekström. “I feel confident even though we failed to reach our goals in Portugal. I‘d be worried if the cars didn’t deliver. But we’ve got speed and I’m slightly jealous of Edward and Anton who’ll be behind the wheels this weekend. The EKS team will definitely do everything in its power to deliver results.”

About Hockenheim RX

Location: 20 km south of Mannheim
Residents: app. 21,000
Track length: 1,280 m
Tarmac / Gravel: 60 / 40 %
Supercar entrants: 22
EKS drivers: #5 Edward Sandström, #92 Anton Marklund

Where to watch live …

Germany: Livestream (Sun, 10.30–12.30 CEST)
Sweden: Viasat Sport (Sun, 10.30–13.00 CEST), TV 10 (Sun, 11.30–12.30 CEST), Viasat Motors (Sun, 16.30–18.00 CEST)
UK & Ireland: British Eurosport (Monday, 17.00 BST)

Schedule (local time)

Thursday, 30 April
17.25–18.25 Open Practice
20.00–21.00 EKS Friday’s

Friday, 1 May
13.00 World RX Press Conference and Draw for Heat 1 (with Anton Marklund)
15.45–16.15 Warm-up
16.50–18.45 Heat 1 & 2

Saturday, 2 May
16.10–16.30 Warm-up
16.50–19.00 Heat 3 & 4

Sunday, 3 May
11.25–11.35 RX Warm-up
11.40–12.00 Semi final 1&2
12.10–12.20 Final

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Photo credit: EKS