Sunday, April 5, 2015

Super GT: GT300 Podium for Audi Team Hitotsuyama and strong debut for Audi Team Racing Tech at Okayama

By Tarek Ramchani

Okayama Circuit played host to the opening round of the 2015 Super GT series. The 300km endurance race saw the Audi Sport customer racing squad performing very well.

Two Audi R8 LMS ultra cars took part in the very wet race competing in the GT300 class. Audi Team Hitotsuyama with the #21 R8 LMS ultra. New comers from Audi Team Racing Tech with the #86 car.

Following a mixed qualifying session on Saturday, the two Audi teams were able to bounce back on race day. Great efforts by the drivers and perfect pit-stops gave the Ingolstadt brand some fantastic results in a very demanding GT300 field. The two cars made it into the Top 5.

Audi Team Hitotsuyama took a very well deserved podium finish. The #21 Audi R8 LMS ultra shared by Richard Lyons and Tomonobu Fuji ended the race in a strong third place within the GT300 class. Hitotsuyama was really unlucky in the last couple of season in Super GT, today's result was a big reward for them.

The Audi Team Racing Tech had a storming debut with the Audi R8 LMS ultra. Christian Mamerow and Shinya Hosokawa in the hands of the #86 started the race from position fifteen and were able to finish in an amazing fourth place within the GT300 class.

Overall it was a great Okayama racing weekend for the Audi Japan backed squad. We at the Audi Motorsport Blog want to congratulate both Audi Team Hitotsuyama and Audi Team Racing Tech for their strong results at Okayama.

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