Monday, April 20, 2015

Interview with Alx Danielsson - Audi driver in FIA World Rallycross Championship

By Tarek Ramchani

Alx Danielsson will compete in the FIA World Rallycross Championship this year driving an Audi S3 RX Supercar from ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport. The Swedish driver will enter the first three events in Portugal, Hockenheim and Belgium.

We were pleased to have an interview with Alx Danielsson. A very interesting Q/A about his 2015 season in FIA World Rallycross Championship with ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport and more.

You can follow Alx Danielsson news at his official Twitter account.

It has recently been announced that you will join ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, tell us more about that.

I was approached by the team during the off-season and was of course very keen to join this exciting programme.

Have you tested the team's Audi S3 RX yet?

Yes, but the car was recently finished. It is an all new design and the team has designed and built everything themselves.

ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport will debut as a full-season competitor in FIA World Rallycross Championship, what are the team's targets with the two Audi S3 RXs?

This is long term. This year will be mainly about finding reliability and working on development of the car. This means there is no overambitious goal for 2015. For 2016, however, we expect to have a strong program with a very well-tuned race car.

What do you think about the 2015 field in the FIA World Rallycross Championship?

Extremly strong. This is the World Championship after all. Not only the drivers, but the team and the cars too of course.

Right now you are only confirmed for the first three rounds, is it possible to see you in additional meetings this year?

I hope so and it would of course be great for me. My main goal is to be an asset to the team in the development work.

How popular rallycross racing is in your home country of Sweden?

Well, eight out of 20 drivers in the championship are from Sweden…what do you think? =D

Who is your all-time favourite driver?

For pure entertainment value I think Martin Schanche.

What is your favourite race track?

Easy, Höljes in Sweden!

Photo credit: ALL-INKL Münnich Motorsport