Sunday, March 8, 2015

TT Cup: First Audi Sport TT Cup testing at Circuit de Catalunya

By Johan Laubscher

The preparations for the new Audi Sport TT Cup are in full swing. The eighteen selected drivers took part in a five-day fitness camp in the Allgäu last week and this weekend the drivers completed the first test session of the season.

Circuit de Catalunya in Spain played host to the first Audi Sport TT cup testing and the eighteen drivers took part with nine of the Audi TT cup cars. Each car was shared between two drivers during the different test sessions.

Another test will be taking place in April, after which the Audi Sport TT Cup will host its first round at the DTM-opening weekend at Hockenheim from 1-3 May.

The Audi Sport TT Cup drivers testing at Circuit de Catalunya:

#11 Audi TT cup - Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky

#12 Audi TT cup - Gosia Rdest

#21 Audi TT cup - Dominik Peitz

#22 Audi TT cup - Loris Hezemans

#31 Audi TT cup - Jan Kisiel

#32 Audi TT cup - Levin Amweg

#41 Audi TT cup - Shaun Thong

#42 Audi TT cup - Marc Coleselli

#51 Audi TT cup - Josh Caygill

#52 Audi TT cup - Nicolaj Møller Madsen

#61 Audi TT cup - Christoph Hofbauer

#62 Audi TT cup - Kaan Önder

#71 Audi TT cup - Alexis van de Poele 

#72 Audi TT cup - Emil Lindholm

#81 Audi TT cup - Dennis Marschall

#82 Audi TT cup - Anton Marklund

#91 Audi TT cup - Sebastian Landy

#92 Audi TT cup - Joonas Lappalainen

Photo credit: Audi Communications - Motorsport