Tuesday, April 29, 2014

EuroV8 Series: Audi Sport Italia back to 3-car line-up in Rome

Audi Sport Italia Press Release

  •    2014 Balance of Performance comes into force at Vallelunga 
  •    Ermanno Dionisio to join Tomas Kostka and Davide Stancheris

Vallelunga/Nibbiola, Italy – Audi Sport Italia looks forward to reach one of the venues that have always allowed its RS 5 cars to deploy their full potential, give or take into account Balance of Performances provisions. Monza, in hindsight, has granted to newcomers Kostka and Stancheris a reasonable amount of points: although neither has made it onto the Top3 they did so in a tough environment. The Czech's charge in race two was dragged by an ailing driveshaft, whilst Stancheris pace was hindered by a rear diff problem that most likely was an outcome of his car behind rammed from behind at the started of race one. Having claimed points in difficult circumstances may well mean that both will be well equipped to do so at Vallelunga, a track where RS 5 drivers have won three of the four past races, so far. Moreover Audi Sport Italia will be able to count on three drivers in Rome, as Ermanno Dionisio will be back in a V8 quattro six months after his debut in the 2013 Italian Superstars finale. Franciacorta was Dionisio's best weekend ever in V8 series, and for sure he looks forward to pick up where he left off.

The Rome rounds will also be when the new Balance of Performance comes into effect. Compared to the bickering that these measures always used to trigger in the past, the new system seems to have been smoothly received. As it is, instead of zeroing in on punishing a car model or models for the accomplishments of its or their drivers in the previous meeting, this season the BoP--which actively involves the participating teams-- is focused on levelling the playing field. Therefore as measuring stick the 2013 rounds at Vallelunga were taken--which had Audis and BMWs starring-- instead of Monza. For Audi drivers this was not exactly good news as RS 5 weight has been increased to 1,520 kilos, the ride height will be 15 mm above the Monza gauge and the air restrictor shrunk to 79 millimeters, whilst most cars will have unchanged marks and the Chevys will get a chance to trim their weight. The whole V8 field looks at the unfolding of the new BoP chapter with keen interest and curiosity.


1. Cheever 27 points
2. Baldan 20 pts.
3. Schiattarella 17 pts.
4. KOSTKA 15 pts.
5. Sini 13 pts.
6. Mugelli 11 pts.
7. STANCHERIS 10 pts


Saturday, May 3
09:15-09:45 free practice one
13:25-13:55 free practice two
16:35-17:05 qualifying
Sunday, May 4
09:55 race one
15:00 race two

Photo credit: Audi Sport Italia