Thursday, January 2, 2014

ETCC: K's Frontier 2013 season review

By Johan Laubscher

The Japanese European Touring Car Challenge (ETCC) saw a surprise Audi R8 LMS ultra entrant during 2013.

K's Frontier, Team KRM, is a long-time Porsche entrant, fielding multiple cars in various different championships. During mid-2013 they debuted their Audi R8 LMS ultra. They had acquired the car from GAINER DIXCEL, who had used the R8 LMS ultra for the 2012 Japanese Super GT, before switching to a two-car Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 line-up for their 2014 campaign.

K's Frontier debuted their Audi R8 LMS ultra at round five of the ETCC at Fuji Speedway and they also took part in the thirteenth and final round. Their participation with the Audi was highlighted with a race victory on its debut in May.

The season review has been compiled from the 2013 Audi Motorsport Blog Weekend Round Up posts. Each round has been added as was seen in the individual Weekend Round Up posts during 2013, which can be accessed via the links throughout the review below:

Round 5: Fuji Speedway

Round five of the Japanese European Touring Car Challenge (ETCC) was held at Fuji Speedway this weekend. K's Frontier (Team KRM) has acquired the ex-GAINER Audi R8 LMS ultra and took part in the ETCC Super Cars Battle, as a shakedown of their new car. The 2012 specification Audi R8 LMS ultra was seen in the 2012 Japanese Super GT, when it was entered by GAINER DIXCEL. K's Frontier entered the #32 R8 LMS ultra with Taiyo Iida as the driver. They qualified third and won the race. The long-time Porsche team has mentioned that they are evaluating the R8 LMS ultra and that it may be a possible race vehicle for them in 2014, for the Super Taikyu Endurance Series.

Round 13: Fuji Speedway

K's Frontier was back in the Japanese European Touring Car Challenge (ETCC) this weekend. It was round thirteen hosted at Fuji Speedway. K's Frontier, Team KRM, entered their ex-GAINER Audi R8 LMS ultra at the event. It was driven by Taiyo Iida in the Super Cars Battle race. They placed second during qualifying and finished the race in second position as well.

Photo credit: K's Frontier