Sunday, December 22, 2013

TSF All Star: Victory for J-Fly Racing in the first GT Master Challenge race

By Johan Laubscher

The TSF All Star Challenge is taking place in Taiwan this weekend and the J-Fly Racing team already had a very strong GT Master Cup race earlier this morning, followed by another set of great results in the first of two GT Master Challenge races in the afternoon.

Penbay International Circuit is hosting the event this weekend and J-Fly Racing, run and prepared by Absolute Racing, is fielding four Audis, three older R8 LMS cars and one R8 LMS ultra.

The GT Master Cup was held this morning. The fifty minute feature race concluded with the #77 Audi R8 LMS ultra of Jeffrey Lee and Rahel Frey finishing in third. They were followed by the #068 R8 LMS of Adderly Fong in fourth and the #017 R8 LMS of Benjamin Lee and Carlo van Dam in fifth, taking an Audi 1-2 in the GTM class. The #666 R8 LMS of Alex Chang and Evan Chen finished twelfth.

Two further ten lap GT Master Challenge races were up next in the afternoon, each of which would be driven by one of each car’s two drivers.

The first of the two challenge races concluded earlier this afternoon. This was the AM race for the drivers, with the PRO race taking place later in the afternoon. Jeffrey Lee started from pole position in his #77 R8 LMS ultra and led the field to race victory. 
Alex Chang finished sixth in the #666 R8 LMS, taking victory in the GTM class, and Benjamin Lee finished thirteenth in the #017 R8 LMS. Adderly Fong and the #068 R8 LMS did not take part in the AM race, as he will be racing in the PRO race later in the afternoon.

It has been a great day so far for J-Fly Racing (Absolute Racing), with an overall podium and an Audi 1-2 in the GTM class during the GT Master Cup this morning, followed by the overall GT Master Challenge AM and GTM class victories.

The third and final race, the GT Master Challenge PRO race, will be taking place later this afternoon. We wish the best of luck to J-Fly Racing (Absolute Racing and their drivers.

Photo credit: J-Fly Racing