Tuesday, December 24, 2013

GT Sprint: MTM Motorsport 2013 season review

By Johan Laubscher

MTM Motorsport fielded an Audi R8 LMS in the 2013 Superstars GT Sprint Series. Thomas Schöffler was their regular driver and he was joined by multiple different co-drivers during the year. By the end of the season Thomas Schöffler was crowned as the GT Sprint drivers’ champion.

The season review has been compiled from the 2013 Audi Motorsport Blog Weekend Round Up posts. Each round has been added as was seen in the individual Weekend Round Up posts during 2013, which can be accessed via the links throughout the review below:

Round 1: Monza

Monza also hosted the first GT Sprint round this weekend. One Audi R8 LMS was entered by MTM and driven by Oliver Mayer and Thomas Schöffler. They had good pace all weekend and placed within the top eight for most of the proceedings.

Round 2: Brno

The Superstars GT Sprint also took place at Brno this weekend, alongside the Superstars Series. MTM entered their Audi R8 LMS for Johan Kristoffersson and Thomas Schöffler. The car was seen with a new red and black livery. The team showed good pace and qualified well within the top ten, highlighted with a fourth for race one. Their highest finish was seventh in race two.

Round 3: Slovakia Ring

The Superstars GT Sprint also held its third round alongside the Superstars at the Slovakia Ring. The MTM Audi R8 LMS was present, fitted with 2012 spec R8 LMS ultra rear-wing mounts for the first time. The driving was shared by Thomas Schöffler who was joined by Antti Buri this weekend. They qualified third and fourth respectively for the two races. Race one saw a great drive from the team as they won for the first time in the GT Sprint Series. After the success of the first race the MTM R8 LMS unfortunately retired during the second race.

Round 4: Zolder

The Superstars GT Sprint was also held alongside the Superstars at Zolder. The MTM Audi R8 LMS was at the event, driven by Thomas Schöffler and Laurens Vanthoor. They showed great pace and qualified on pole for race one and second for race two. They finished second in both of the races.

Round 5: Portimão

The Superstars GT Sprint was also in Portugal this weekend, with some Portuguese flavour being added to the Audi line-up. The MTM Audi R8 LMS team has fielded an Audi all season long, driven by Thomas Schöffler. He has shared the car with a number of drivers during the season, and this weekend he was partnered by Portuguese Audi Sport factory driver, Filipe Albuquerque. They qualified second and third for the two races. In the end they finished second in both of the races.

Round 6: Donington

Donington hosted the Superstars GT  Sprint and Superstars Series this weekend. The MTM Audi R8 LMS with championship points leader Thomas Schöffler was entered. Schöffler was joined by factory Audi driver, Oliver Jarvis, as his co-driver. They qualified on pole for race one and third for race two. The first race saw the pairing finish third, followed by another third in race two.

Round 7: Imola

The Superstars GT Sprint Series headed to Imola for its penultimate round of the season. MTM Motorsport continued their good form with the Audi R8 LMS. Thomas Schöffler, MTM’s lead driver, arrived at Imola as the GT Sprint championship points leader. The team’s aim was to defend his championship lead this weekend, ahead of the finale in October. He was joined by Johan Kristoffersson this weekend, sharing the controls of the #45 Audi R8 LMS. This was the second time that Kristoffersson had joined Schöffler and MTM this season, as he had also raced with the team during round two at Brno in May. They qualified on pole for race one, followed by second on the grid for race two. The two races were held on Sunday, with the first race seeing the Audi MTM pairing finishing in first place. They backed up that result with another victory in race two. It has been another very good weekend for MTM and Thomas Schöffler remains the championship points leader as the team heads to the finale at Vallelunga in October.

Round 8: Vallelunga

The Superstars GT Sprint finale was at Vallelunga this weekend. MTM Motorsport topped off a great season with a tremendous result with their Audi R8 LMS in Italy. MTM’s lead driver, Thomas Schöffler, arrived at Vallelunga as the driver’s championship points leader. He was again joined by Johan Kristoffersson, after their double victory at Imola last time out. The MTM pairing qualified third for race one and sixth for race two. Race one saw them finishing in eighth place. This result was enough to ensure that Thomas Schöffler was crowned as the 2013 GT Sprint champion, with one race to spare. The second and final race of the day yielded a ninth place classification, closing off the 2013 GT Sprint season. It has been a great season for MTM Motorsport and their Audi R8 LMS with Thomas Schöffler as champion.

Photo credit: Superstars