Saturday, November 2, 2013

Super GT: Improving Hitotsuyama Racing Audi in Motegi qualifying

By Tarek Ramchani

The Super GT is at Motegi this weekend, the season finale of the most prestigious Japanese motorsport series. A single Audi R8 LMS ultra is taking part in the event from Hitotsuyama Racing.

The qualifying session held today gave Hitotsuyama Racing some satisfactions. The #21 Audi R8 LMS ultra shared by Richard Lyons and Akihiro Tsuzuki ended in fifteenth place within the demanding GT300 class. Unlike the previous events, the ZENT backed Audi was not outpaced and was a second slower to the pole setting Subaru. With an improving car, Hitotsuyama Racing is aiming to conclude the 2013 season with strong performances and results in tomorrow's 250 km sprint event. Richard Lyons and Akihiro Tsuzuki will have to fight really hard against a top quality field from FIA GT3 cars and JAF GT300 cars.

Pole position in GT300 class went to the #61 Subaru BRZ from Subaru R&D Sport. Second the #11 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 from GAINER DIXCEL. Third the #16 Honda CR-Z from team Mugen. Qualifying results can be seen here.

Photo credit: Hitotsuyama Racing