Friday, September 6, 2013

VLN: LMS Engineering Audi TT RS progressing well

By Johan Laubscher

LMS Engineering was set to compete in the 2013 VLN with a new Audi TT RS, but various setbacks prevented them from taking part, but the team is now progressing very well with their car.

The #1 LMS Engineering Audi TT RS was presented earlier this year, but supply problems regarding critical drive train components resulted in the team unfortunately withdrawing their initial VLN entry. Since then the team has been working very hard and they have also acquired the required parts. In recent weeks they have revealed photos and videos of their new engine. The car and engine were tested together for the first time this week, with successful dyno runs. The team is now ready to begin further testing and their first rollout with the Audi.

LMS Engineering has developed a two litre version of the five cylinder turbo TT RS TFSI engine, allowing it to compete in the SP3T class in the VLN Championship. A few of these Audi Sport customer racing TT RS cars have been converted to run in the SP3T class (two litre turbo) versus the original specification in the SP4T class (two and a half litre turbo). The Raeder Motorsport and Møller Bil Motorsport TT RS cars are current examples of these SP3T versions, which are currently competing in the VLN. The LMS Engineering SP3T version will be the first variant with a five cylinder engine, the other SP3T TT RS examples are based on four cylinder two litre power plants. 

It is very exciting to hear that LMS Engineering are progressing well with their TT RS, especially after their setbacks earlier this year. Hopefully the beautiful #1 TT RS will be seen on track very soon.  

Update: LMS Engineering conducted their rollout at the Nürburgring on Friday afternoon.

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