Sunday, September 15, 2013

Portuguese GT: Abrupt end for Team Novadriver in the Portuguese GT Championship

Team Novadriver Press Release

Good afternoon Team Novadriver fans

Unfortunately , abruptly ended for Team Novadriver in the Portuguese GT Championship. After the three free practice session, the technical team found a strange and unusual difference in progress to what is the normal rhythm of the Audi R8 LMS Ultra at Braga.

The telemetry showed abnormal and dangerous temperature values for the coolant and lubricant, particularly in the Audi # 10 engine.

All the team tried to remedy this problem, but after a consultation with technicians from Audi Sport Customer Racing , it was evident that it would be impossible for the two Audi R8 LMS Ultra introduce themselves minimally competitive, still running the risk of damaged beyond repair both engines.

Given this unusual and absolutely unprecedented situation, the team met with their pilots and unanimously decided to withdraw from the race, returning immediately to the team's base to investigate what happened to the engines of the two Audi R8 LMS Ultra.

Team Novadriver want to present to all their fans and followers our apologies, but this time the risk was too high when everything was decided in the league due to the absence of the major opponents of Team Novadriver, the Mercedes SLS driven by José Pedro Fontes and Miguel Barbosa.

Team Novadriver highlights the huge union and communion of interests between pilots and technical staff, as though it was made the investment in travel , hotels , tires and fuel, unanimously decided to play it safe.

Team Novadriver want to repudiate and condemn the lack of sportsmanship from some people who saw this unexpected situation as an excuse to hide the team withdraw premeditation. What is a real nonsense, because why made a substantial investment for just three practice sessions.

It stands for the history the domain of Team Novadriver throughout the year , underlining by the title reached a race before the end of the season with the Audi#1 driven by César Campaniço Mikko Eskelinen and Carlos Vieira and the second place in the competition for the Audi # 10 piloted by João Figueiredo and João Ramos.

(Press release sourced from the Team Novadriver Facebook page)

Photo credit: Supercars Series