Friday, August 16, 2013

Super GT | DTM: Japanese GT500 "DTM Compatible" cars revealed

By Johan Laubscher

Exciting new times lie ahead for the DTM and Japanese Super GT. The two championships will be running new similar-rules as from the beginning of 2014 - thus beginning a Germany vs Japan feature on the track in years to come.

The intentions of a common rules package was announced towards the end of 2012, with plans of integrating compatibility between the two championships from 2014 onward. This would allow cars from the German DTM to compete in Super GT GT500, and vice versa. Identical regulations are being envisioned for the two championships by 2017. Thus far the rules are not yet identical, as different engines are going to be used in Germany and Japan during 2014. The chassis' are compatible and the integrating compatibility of the two series has been set in motion and will be seen in full effect in the years to come.

Further intentions of establishing a North American based series utilizing the same rules from Germany and Japan is also on the cards.

The Suzuka 1000 km event is being held this weekend, as part of the Super GT. At the occasion Honda, Nissan and Lexus have all revealed their initial cars for the new 2014 “DTM Compatible" regulations.

From the initial press photos the connections with the DTM are clear, as the cars share many visual similarities with the current generation of German DTM cars from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Honda has revealed the NSX CONCEPT-GT:

Nissan has revealed the GT-R Nismo GT500:

Lexus has revealed their LF-CC based Super GT GT500:

The future of the Super GT and DTM looks very exciting:

Photo credit: 
Press photos from Honda / Nissan / Lexus via RacerLink