Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Superstars: Audi Sport Italia heads to Central Europe in Slovakia



Audi Sport Italia Press Release

Audi Sport Italia heads to Central Europe again as Superstars' Slovakia Ring meeting beckons


The International Superstars Series enters in new territory this weekend as the SWR-promoted championship tackles the challenges of the Slovakia Ring. The Audi Sport Italia squad and its drivers’ line-up of Gianni Morbidelli and Nando Geri are looking to capitalise on their recent outing at Czech Republic’s Brno, where the latter picked a win in the Star Driver class -- gentleman-drivers’
realm -- and the former claimed his maiden 2013 podium finish as runner-up in a full caution-filled Race 2.

As the next round at the Slovakia Ring is the championship’s first foray at the Central European venue, it will be a new challenge for drivers and teams alike who have so far this year competed in Italy and Czech Republic. As Slovakia Ring is “unknown quantity” for most drivers, the playing field will effectively be
levelled out as the paddock will scramble to come to grips with the circuit.

However, Audi camp hopes may well be stymied by the looming presence of a
0.9-kilometer long straight, which spells trouble for four-wheel-driven cars -- and, adding insult to injury, RS 5s powerplants are choked by mandatory air restrictors.

Unsurprisingly then, on Sunday former F.1 regular Morbidelli and team mate Geri may well use what their foes call hinderances, such as rainfall (which would definitely boost Audis) or the heavy ballasts which are Thomas Biagi and Giovanni Berton’s reward for their Brno’s accomplishments. The Series' leader lies 39 points ahead of Morbidelli in the tables, way too far to be a target, even though his AMG Mercedes C63 will carry a 60-kilos ballast.

Therefore the Pesaro-born driver will aim to improve his current fifth position, as Morbidelli, Gigi Ferrara and Berton – fourth and third respectively — are within nine points of each other. Making up ground at Slovakia Ring would offer the Audi driver an optimal springboard for the upcoming summer races, both staged at venues well suited for Audis, on paper.

Drivers points standings after 4 rounds:
1. Biagi 73 points;
2. Liuzzi 52 pts;
3. Berton 46 pts;
4. Ferrara 44 pts.;

Photo credit: Audi Sport Italia