Sunday, May 12, 2013

Video: 1998 Zolder 24 Hours - The first 24 Hours for the Audi A4 STW

By Johan Laubscher

The Audi A4 STW, the Super Touring car version of the B5 Audi A4, was a brilliant race car. Its quattro system and superior traction made it one of the best cars of its time, highlighted by an international championship sweep in 1996, when Audi claimed the title in seven countries: Germany, Britain, Italy, Australia, Belgium, South Africa and Spain.

The 1998 Zolder 24 Hours was the scene for the first 24 Hour race for one of these A4 STW cars. It was however not the first 24 Hour race for an Audi Super Touring car, that was back in 1994 with an Audi 80 Competition entered in the Spa 24 Hours, run by the Belgian Audi Club (Dubois Racing).

The 1998 Zolder 24 Hours entry was also entered by the Belgian Audi Club. The driver line-up included the team’s regular two Belcar drivers: Jean-Francois Hemroulle and Timo Verbergt. The team needed a third driver for the 24 hour race, and they called upon the services of South African Terry Moss. Terry was the 1996 South African Super Touring champion and had also competed for the Belgian Audi Club twice before, at the 1995 Spa 24 Hours and a Belcar event at Spa in 1997, where the South African won the second race of the day.

The Audi A4 STW performed very well in the event, aided greatly by the wet weather. The team lead most of the race but technical issues resulted in sixth place overall, but with race victory in their class. A year later the Belgian Audi Club was able to win the 1999 Zolder 24 Hours overall with their A4 STW, which added another achievement for this great Super Touring Car.

Below we have embedded a video which features highlights from the 1998 Zolder 24 Hour race, the first time the A4 STW competed for 24 Hours. This rare short highlights video aired in South Africa during 1998 and was produced from a Belgian Audi Club perspective with Terry Moss.