Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TunerGP: MTM Audi R8 performed very well at the 2013 TunerGP

By Johan Laubscher

The annual TunerGP was held at Hockenheim this past weekend, the sport auto High Performance Days 2013. It is a very popular European event for Tuning companies. MTM (Moteren Technik Mayer) has taken part in this event for many years, and this year they added a special car to their entry.

The MTM team has been competing in the Italian Superstars GT Sprint Series this season, using an Audi R8 LMS race car. They have shown good pace and results so far this year. The team decided to enter their Audi R8 LMS at the TunerGP.

The event requires modified streetcars, thus MTM modified the specification of their R8 LMS to make it eligible for the TunerGP. The modifications allowed the car to be registered for street legislation and it was entered in the C15-A class for "supersportler" cars. The changes to the car included: raised ride-height, added passenger seat and new BBS three piece rims with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.

Florian Gruber drove the Audi at the event. The car was named the MTM R8 RS, after its modifications for the TunerGP. Gruber was able to post very fast lap times, which ultimately won the event overall. The overall average winning lap time was 1:06.695. The results from the TunerGP can be seen HERE.

It was a great result for MTM, and the car looked and sounded great circling the short version of Hockenheim. An onboard video and photos from the MTM website have been included below.

Photo credit and more information:
MTM website
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