Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Doug Gore and ATL Audi dominate at Dover

By Johan Laubscher

The annual Carnival of Speed took place at Dover in Jamaica this weekend. The event marks the first big circuit racing event in Jamaica each year. It was also the long anticipated return of Doug Gore and the ATL Automotive ABT-Audi TT-R at the Dover circuit. 

Gore suffered a hefty crash at Dover last May, which required an intensive rebuild of the car in Germany, subsequently costing Gore and the team their entire remaining 2012 season. The team and the car are back and they were victorious at Jamwest Raceway a few weeks ago. Thus they were in high spirits as they arrived at Dover.

Some of the teams competed at Jamwest Raceway a few weeks ago, where Doug Gore dominated the proceedings, more can be read about that event HERE. However the only big guns at Jamwest were Gore and Peter Rae (Mazda). The big talking point remained this meeting at Dover when the “King”, David Summerbell, would also be in attendance. Summerbell competes with a Time-Attack based Mitsubishi Evo which has proven to be the car to beat for many seasons, a very potent machine.  

Gore and ATL arrived at Dover determined to repeat the success of Jamwest. The Audi had been entered in two sets of races: Modified Production Class 4 (two races - five and seven laps) and Thundersport 2 (one twelve lap race). He was immediately fast during practice and set pole position ahead of Summerbell.

Race day dawned on Easter Monday and the scene was set for another clash of Gore versus Summerbell. The first MP4 race got underway with Summberbell getting the jump off the rolling start and taking the outside line into turn one. Gore was able to use the inside line to maintain the lead and a battle ensued between the two. Summerbell kept Gore in sight but the Audi maintained a constant pace and crossed the line to take victory.

The second MP4 race was a copybook start of the first race. Summerbell again had the jump off the flag but Gore defended the inside line. Gore once again lead Summerbell around the Dover track until Summerbell dropped back with a loss in performance and a trail of ominous smoke. This left Doug Gore out in front for what turned into an easy victory.

Following the two MP4 races the final race of the day was the twelve lap Thundersport race. David Summerbell did not make it out on track for the day's final race which left Doug Gore alone out in front as he claimed another victory on the day. 

However, as the day came to a close in Jamaica the news emerged that Doug Gore was disqualified from the second MP4 race of the day. The disqualification was due to a technicality surrounding his use of tires.

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