Thursday, January 10, 2013

Audi Super Touring action in the Hills of Europe

By Johan Laubscher

There are many categories and formulas in the world of motorsport. Many of these formulas have come and gone, but sometimes a formula becomes so popular that even years after its demise people still talk about it fondly. One such formula took over the world during the 1990’s. It was raced across almost all of the continents in the world. It was the FIA Class II formula, or more commonly known as, Super Touring. It provided spectacular racing as the sedans from all the major manufactures battled it out on track in the win on Sunday, sell on Monday grand prix.

Audi was one of the front runners in the formula and with quattro four wheel drive they dominated for many seasons with the Audi A4 quattro STW. The car was so good that it eventually lead to the abolishment of four wheel drive within the rules, to negate the “unfair advantage.” Now in current times the Super Touring formula has been gone for just over a decade, but many of the cars still compete. A popular endeavour for these cars, especially the Audi with quattro, is Hillclimb racing. The Audi is a particular favourite among drivers in European Hillclimbing. We have included a video below which demonstrates why. The videos shows the excitement from these events as Santi Abad pushes his Audi A4 STW to the limits in the Galician Hillclimb Championship. The video is well worth the watch for the action and that unmistakable engine note of the Super Touring A4.