Monday, November 12, 2012

Video: Daytona inside an Audi R8 LMP

By Johan Laubscher

The Audi R8 was and always will be a legend. Much of its success was achieved on race tracks in North America, however there was one legendary race track which alluded the Audi R8 during its official race career, Daytona. Thanks to the vagrancies of North American sportscar racing the series wherein the R8 competed never visited Daytona and thus the R8 never raced there, or at least not until after the car was retired. Since then various Audi R8s have been seen on the banking of Daytona in Historic racing events. The annual Daytona Continental Historic Races were held last weekend. Rogers Motorsport entered one of their two Audi R8 cars in the event, chassis #405 wearing its 2000 Le Mans #9 livery in which it finished second at the 2000 24 Hours.

Here is an onboard video from the latest event featuring Audi R8 #405 being driven by Doug Smith at Daytona. This V8 engine has always been a favorite among Audi fans, enjoy.

Photos by Robyn Pass Handy from SascoSports