Thursday, November 1, 2012

STS in Pergusa - Kristoffersson wins the Title - Schöffler breaks into Top Ten

MTM Press Release

The stage was set for the finals of the Superstar Series 2012 at the seasoned Pergusa race track, which surrounds the same-named volcanic lake on the island of Sicily. Many race pilots, regardless of what car they were driving, would have rather stepped on the gas at a more modern venue. Here, the deck was stacked against them - especially to the disappointment of the Audi drivers - while it brought safety risks for all participants.

The handicaps for the three RS 5s were mainly a result of the extra weight ruling for winning brands.
This affects acceleration as well as braking, at top speed, and has an especially adverse effect when hitting the curb. The additional weight pulls on the suspension, which is subjected to the most extreme endurance tests, particularly on two chicanes in Pegusa. In this respect, the 14th position of the candidate for the title, Johan Kristofferson, was not the result of a sudden loss of competence b ut rather the sum of all things - which easily tipped the scales. Thomas Schöffler, in the MTM RS 5, and Gianni Morbidelli were also not able to conjure up any magic against the laws of physics. The only thing that the Audi trio could count on, were position improvements due to failures by the competition. And the race brought it on: Kristofferson came in at fifth place in the first race, former Formula 1 pilot Gianni Morbidelli took sixth position and Thomas Schöffler fought his way into the top ten. Good prospects for a cockpit career can be expected for this 19-year-old newcomer, whose race alongside the experienced international players saw him come in at ninth place, which translated into eighth place when all chips were down.

Kristoffersson had to sweat to keep his narrow lead in the second run of the championship, especially since he was "torpedoed" from behind in the Pineta chicane, which ultimately totaled his RS 5. For safety reasons, Audi team manager Radaelli called the two remaining RS 5s, from Morbidelli and Schöffler, into the pit. When the day was over, Kristoffersson took the title, with a four-point lead.