Friday, September 7, 2012

World’s Fastest Audi RS4 with 1200+ HP is FOR SALE

By Johan Laubscher

Finland is a very special place for Audi fans. The country has produced some of the craziest Audi race cars the world has ever seen, ranging from Super Saloon racers to drag racing monsters.

For Audi cars in Finland the engine of choice has always been the legendary turbocharged Audi five cylinder unit. The glorious engine notes of these engines and the wonderful turbos are well known at Finnish events where Audis are competing.

Among all the monstrous Audis from Finland there is a real gem. A very special Audi RS4 B7 exists which was developed to devour the quarter mile. Built by the 4WD Drag Race Team in co-operation with APR Finland, this RS4 is armed with a very potent five cylinder engine.

The cars story began in 2006 when Tomi Paavola began racing and modifying his red Audi Coupe with the 4WD Drag Race Team. The car was developed and improved during the 2007-2008 seasons. Finally it was decided to move onto a new platform, a new Audi racer. The team acquired an empty Audi RS4 B7 sedan shell and got to work developing the new car. The engine came from the older Coupe and was improved even further. Many months past and the finished product was a masterpiece. The beautiful silver machine was ready to hit the track. 2009 saw the debut of the Audi which comfortably run sub 9 second quarter-mile passes. After 2009 the Audi was temporarily retired as Paavola tried other forms of motorsport.

Fast forward to 2012 and the car is back on the strip, faster and more powerful than ever before. The team are competing in select events during 2012 as they try to find a buyer for the car. They have already achieved a great milestone so far. A new record run was achieved recently during a night time solo run at Parnu, the video is included below. The performance figures of the car are staggering. Approaching 1200+ Hp coupled with over 900 Nm of torque is produced by the five cylinder engine.  

A few months ago published a detailed story about this Audi RS4. It is a great read and also includes all the technical details. It is well worth a look via the link HERE

We at the Audi Motorsport Blog were contacted and informed recently that this unique Audi RS4 is still for sale and ready to race in Finland. The APR Finland team have been busy upgrading the car during 2012. The car is ready to race and they would be delighted to find a buyer for their special Audi RS4. 

Price tag is 70 000 euro, delivered, and it includes an introduction to the car on strip in Finland, or with travel cost, at buyer's destination.

Prospective buyers can contact "J" from APR Finland (Mr Jyrki J Repo) at

More information:
APR Suomi Finland FB website

Thanks to 4wd drag race/Heikki Heineken Malinen for the photos.

A selection of videos and photos have been included below: