Monday, September 10, 2012

Gallery: New Audi A1 Rallycross from Team Jagu in France

By Johan Laubscher 

Racing Team Jagu is a French rallycross team who have been competing with Audis for many years. The team became famous for running their blue Audi A3 rallycross racer. For the 2012 season they embarked on a new challenge, that of building a new Audi A1 rallycross car. They sold their Audi A3 at the end of 2011 to Jimmy Terpereau, who now competes with the car. The old A3 is still very competitive as it took victory at the most recent French Rallycross round at Lohéac. Along with their old car taking victory at the event the Team Jagu crew were also at Lohéac. Racing Team Jagu presented their not yet complete Audi A1 car at the event. The team have been working very hard on the car. They have successfully changed the small A1 into a much more aggressive looking machine. The wide body kit they developed looks stunning on the car. Below are some photos of the car at the event followed by build photos. We look forward to seeing this car compete, it will look great on course. Thanks to Racing Team Jagu for the photos.

More information:
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